Are you happy with yourself? A person must like, respect, and admire the person they see in the mirror to be happy. Self-confidence and self-esteem are fundamental to friendships, work, love relationships, ambitions, goals, and even good health. The issues almost always lie within ourselves and the way we perceive ourselves. A sizeable percentage of our problems, hurts, attitudes, frustrations, and failures are born and nourished within ourselves. So are our perceptions of our achievements and successes. Many people sabotage themselves by negative self-talk—if you think or say something negative about yourself, you actually program that into your unconscious and it becomes a part of you. The Two Session SolutionSM of Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale and North Miami, Florida, has a 90% success rate in using Cognitive Behavior Therapy methods including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, and Huna to resolve the underlying issues that are causing you to feel insecure about yourself or your body.

A low or negative sense of self-worth may be a response to an unfortunate event or experience in life, as a child or adult, which takes root, festers, and grows within, creating attitudes and behaviors damaging to self-esteem. We can help you at both the conscious and unconscious level bring these causes into focus, permit understanding and healing, thereby enabling you to like and respect yourself and leading you towards positive progress, success, and satisfaction.

Some people suffer an excessive preoccupation with their appearance, thinking and actually seeing themselves as too heavy, too thin, not muscular enough, etc. In addition to their incorrect perceptions, they may also have negative feelings about themselves, a lack of confidence, and other issues. Using our advanced methods we can help you overcome both the negative perception and negative feelings you have about yourself. After therapy you will see yourself as you really are, be happy with who you are and what you look like, and, if necessary, be ready to make other positive changes in yourself.

“After years of punishing myself and feeling bad about myself, with only two sessions you helped me see myself as I really am and helped me move on with my life confidently.”

“When dealing with an authority figure I lost my confidence. After two sessions I could talk to anyone and be self-confident in all situations”


Two Session Solution spotlighted for insomnia and sleep disorders on FOX 7 NEWS in South Florida

Two Session Solution’s Basil Papanastassiou profiled on sports hypnosis on Comcast Newsmakers (January 2005).

Two Session Solution’s Burt Borkan on advanced therapy on Comcast Newsmaker (December 2004).

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